Accommodating Employees, Let’s Be Reasonable!

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Employers will inevitably face requests from employees for accommodations within the workplace due to a number of reasons. Often for medical or religious purposes, and some easily vetted out, other requests require further consideration for approval and can involve the organization’s outside counsel. Questions can arise regarding the scope of “reasonable accommodation” of the Americans with Disabilities Act or Title VII; in addition, many states have alternative laws with specific requirements.

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Berkley FinSecure provides the EPL Carry*Thru service in conjunction with Jackson Lewis to assist our insureds in making these distinctions. Along with addressing these questions, the service can help provide discussion around reasonable accommodations, leaves of absence and measures for enforcement. While the service can’t answer every question specifically, special rates are part of the program allowing an insured to engage with Jackson Lewis as counsel on a matter to help mitigate exposures in more difficult situations.

Employment law is complicated and nuanced. ADA, FMLA, Title VII, privacy, HIPAA, wage and hour, affirmative action, employee benefits, workers’ compensation, immigration, workplace safety, and general employment issues are all areas of employment law that pass through Human Resources. That’s not mentioning workplace policies administration, health and wellness administration, reporting requirements, and day-to-day functions related to employee engagement, satisfaction and management. Depending on the size and experience of the HR function, some outside help may be warranted, and could prove far less expensive than litigation.

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