Where There’s Rain, There’s Flood Potential

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Flooding sign

For many people in the United States flooding is thought to exist only along the coasts. News of hurricanes reinforce those ideas, but it is a mistake to think that floods happen only along coasts, rivers, lakes or streams. Where it rains, it can flood, which is a message being delivered by the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IIBHS).

In a recent publication, IIBHS offers tips on identifying areas of potential exposure, preparing for an oncoming storm, and offers checklists for businesses. Understanding exposure to flood is important for all business, not just those that are located near a flood zone. While the opportunity for flood may be greater in those areas, not preparing can leave exposure to a preventable loss, and invite an entire separate set of problems and demands.

Using the tool provided by IIBHS can be a good first step to preventing potential problems before they start. Understanding your insurance coverage can be another step in that process. Make sure that preparing is part of the plan, and use the free guide to help make the approach more sound.

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