Nonprofit Public Interest Law Group Sues Audit Firm For Missing Embezzlement

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Former office manager of a nonprofit public interest law group was sentenced to more than 4 years in prison. The former office manager fraudulently took more than $1M. In handing down the stiff sentence, the judge said he wanted to discourage others from engaging in similar behavior citing a criminal case from the former office manager’s past that contained similar allegations.

Read the full story here for more details.

Now the nonprofit law group has filed suit against its auditing firm, claiming that its auditors failed to discover that the former office manager had been embezzling from the group over the past 12 years.

The attorneys for the nonprofit stated that the auditors did not undertake any meaningful effort to confirm that attorney fees paid to the group were fairly reported and reasonably accounted for.

Read the full story here for more detail.

Prevent This From Happening to YOU!

Fraud detection and prevention should be an ongoing initiative.

To help your business protect themselves from fraud, here are some helpful suggestions:

  • pens and papersPerform a background check on potential employees before hiring them. *
  • Create management reviews and independent audit committees.
  • Offer fraud training for management and employees.
  • Purchase Crime insurance.

* Employer should check with legal counsel about complying with federal/state/local laws regarding background checks.

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