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Follow-up to a story we first brought you in December 2014…   

A former executive employed by biz-jet manufacturer Gulfstream accused of defrauding the company of over $10 Million during a ten year period was convicted and sentenced to over 11 years in prison.

Enjoying A Lavish Lifestyle

The Associated Press article published on Yahoo Finance states that, “He was living a lavish lifestyle that included splitting time between two luxury Los Angeles-area homes, and paying for the company of female escorts, luxury cars and $800 dinners, federal investigators say.”

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Employee screening and criminal background checks can help prevent losses

Most surprising to us is the fact that this former executive was previously convicted in an embezzlement case in the early 1990’s yet Gulfstream knew nothing about it because they relied only on his apparently false resume when they hired him in 2000. This type of information would most likely have been picked up in a criminal background check.

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