Ex-Deputy Treasurer Accused of $3.7 Mil. Theft

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A Daily Routine

The former Deputy Treasurer of the City of Compton in Southern California allegedly skimmed a total of over $3.7 million from city funds over a six year period. Each day, he would take anywhere from $200 to $8000 from the various fees, trash, water and parking ticket payments coming from residents and business owners. Federal prosecutors say that he correctly recorded the incoming cash but submitted smaller deposit records and bank deposit slips.

The alleged perpetrator originally used the money to help his son hold on to his house but soon started buying himself a new house, cars and even plastic surgery for his wife. Other city employees noticed the signs of a rather affluent lifestyle that didn’t seem to mesh with his rather modest salary but not until one employee noted a discrepancy, was a red flag raised.

He now faces up to 5 years in federal prison if convicted.

Read the full story here.

Common Sense Steps to Reduce Employee Theft

Divide Duties

  • Make sure at least two different people are handling cash receipts and deposits with a third person verifying both.

Random Verification and Review

  • Periodically and randomly review cash receipts and deposits to ensure that they reconcile.

If you see something, say something

  • Nobody likes to accuse a fellow employee of a crime but employees need to be encouraged to relate suspicions in an anonymous manner to supervisors and managers for further investigation. 

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