Charlotte Man Sentenced for Involvement in $2M Business Email Compromise Scheme

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A 42 year-old Charlotte, North Carolina man was sentenced to 13 years in prison and 3 years of supervised release for his role as a money mule in a Business Email Comprimise (BEC) scheme. The 42 year-old was convicted in June 2021 of multiple accounts of money laundering, false statements to banks and aggravated identity theft.

According to trial evidence, witness testimony, court filings and the August 17th sentence hearing; starting in November 2018, the 42 year-old Charlotte resident opened multiple money mule bank accounts using fake documents. Money mule bank accounts are accounts used by fraudsters as a pass-through means of moving illicit funds. As established in the trial evidence, the 42 year-old used mule accounts to receive and launder the proceeds of several BEC scams totaling $2 million, which targeted six victim companies.

The victim companies were tricked into wiring large sums of money into bank accounts controlled by the 42 year-old Charlotte resident. Within days of receiving the fraudulent wire transfers, the Charlotte man used false and stolen identities to conduct financial transactions to cover up the fraud, including withdrawing large amounts of money and sending wire transfers to other bank accounts he controlled.

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